(16 TO 18 YEARS)



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The next step after Secondary Education (ESO) involves learning how to deal with increasingly complex information in a variety of supports; continuous texts, discontinuous texts, hypertext. Students are expected to be able to extract information from them, but also to produce them according to academic standards. Being familiar with the format of research papers, reports, studies, or academic talks, will greatly help their performance in this last stage of their school life.

A student’s freedom to choose a university and degree for their future formation depends largely on academic results. Our commitment is to providing our students with the tools they need to obtain these results, and be able to follow their vocation. We also ensure that they are adequately prepared to face the challenge of university life, and that they learn the competences they need to research, communicate, and decide autonomously.

The Counselling Department offers frequent opportunities to learn about various higher education institutions, so that our students can make informed decisions regarding their academic and professional future.

Arts High School
To provide a broader range of options to our High School students, our School will offer an Arts specialisation programme starting in the 2020-2021 academic year.