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The Chinese language is taught by native teachers as an optional subject, along with German and French, since the 5th year of Primary Education and until Bachillerato.

The first year’s methodology is based on the textbook LangLang Zhongwen 1A+1B printed by the Confucius Institute; from the 6th year of Primary, the switch is made to the book Easy Steps to Chinese, published by Beijing Language and Culture University Press. In both cases, the textbooks coexist with a wealth of educational materials and activities such as flashcards, vides, interactive games, songs, or class projects.

In the beginning, the approach focuses mostly on spoken language, with an introduction to the rudiments of writing. By the second year, writing becomes a systematic activity, ensuring a solid foundation upon which to build the students’ command of the language.

The curriculum also provides an introduction to Chinese culture, including geography, history, monuments and other landmarks, traditions, and festivities.

Courses and levels

The different tiers of the Youth Chinese Test are offered to students in Primary and Secondary Education to evaluate their command of the language and obtain a relevant certification. We provide here a brief explanation of the levels of language proficiency demonstrated by each level:

  • YCT Level I: understanding and use of the most commonly used sentences in the Chinese language.
  • YCT Level II: basic communication proficiency.
  • YCT Level III: solid foundation of basic Chinese. Ability to communicate about familiar everyday topics in simple terms.
  •  YCT Level IV: very solid foundation of basic Chinese. Ability to communicate about everyday topics, as well as some simple academic and professional topics. This level is considered enough to be able to handle most situations in an authentic setting.

Chinese is always taught in a dynamic, engaging, and effective fashion. Since it is a difficult language, keeping students interested and motivated is a necessary condition to achieve progress.