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We believe that, in all subjects, language is the essential tool for conveying information. It enables our students to understand the world around them, and to express themselves with rigour. And it provides them with the knowledge and skills that will allow them to function effectively in society.

We think that a school should prepare its children, both intellectually and ethically, to pursue a career that might benefit both society and themselves. Hence, all our academic and extra-curricular activities are aimed at offering a balanced education which brings out the best in all students, as people and as citizens.

Lastly, we hold that students should become appreciative of the most notable creations of mankind in the fields of art and culture – which are the key to a kinder and more compassionate way of seeing the world.

Above all, we are committed to offering our students the chance to attain whatever academic results they might need to follow their vocation; to prepare them to face the challenge of higher education; and to furnish them with the skills they will need to understand, analyse, research, communicate, and decide.