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Environmental Education is aimed at enabling individual and social changes which promote sustainable development and the protection of the natural environment. It is a priority in all school cycles.

Students are instructed from an early age to be conscious of Nature. They learn the skills, contents, and values to act in the solution of present and future environmental issues, be it individually or collectively.

Our chief objectives in this area are:

Promoting the adoption of values and attitudes that foster respect towards the environment. Studying the problems of water, energy, and waste, students learn to develop responsible consumption strategies. They make personal commitments on the premise that individual action brings about a global improvement.

This work begins in Infant Education with the Vegetable Garden project, in which students become familiar with crop growth cycles. Apart from following this process from seed to harvest, they till the earth, remove weeds, water their crops, and control pests in their assigned patches.

Promoting knowledge of the environment and an interest in environmental protection. This is done through field trips to areas of natural and scientific interest.

Promoting the study of environmental issues, both local and global. To this end, an ambitious transversal project is programmed each year by the Environmental Education Training Class.

The school receives the Green Flag that certifies it as a member of the Eco-School Network

Following an audit by technicians from the Adeac-Fee organisation, the school was awarded the Green Flag that certifies its belonging to the Eco-School Network, formed by educational institutions of 64 countries – 530 in Spain.

The school also collaborates with the Madrid City Hall and Ecoembes in the EducaEnEco programme for waste management in schools. To this end, we have installed selective waste disposal bins in all public areas. An external audit awarded the school with a certification diploma for this initiative. Currenty, 373 schools in the Madrid area participate in this programme.

For the past three years, the Environment Training Class has coordinated a project to foster good environmental practices, bolstering numerous initiatives involving all school years and subjects. You can find more information in the project’s blog, El Recoveco.