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The school grounds have a surface area of 10.793,40 min which we can find the following buildings:

  • The main pavilion (5,964.5 m2), holds the classrooms for the second cycle of ESO and Bachillerato – equivalent to grades 9 to 12– as well as the physics, chemistry, biology and geology laboratories; additional, general purpose classrooms for group splitting; an Assembly Hall to host informative events, conferences, theatrical performances, concerts, and academic ceremonies; an Auditorium in which students conduct speeches and presentations; a library; AV, technical drawing, music, language, environmental science, and IT rooms; a workshop for arts and crafts, an exhibit hall, and a chapel.

  • The Infants pavilion (1,526.2 m2)houses its corresponding classrooms, as well as a covered courtyard, and a library in which students have their first contact with reading in a school context. They also enjoy a music room, an arts and crafts room, and a drama room in which they learn through symbolic games. In the psychomotor and speech therapy rooms we work on the physical and verbal development of the younger ones. The two outdoor yards (one for 1st and 2nd grade, and the other for 3rd) are equipped with a playground and a sandbox. All groups grow vegetables in a garden.

  • The pavilion for the first cycle of Primary Education (grades 1 to 4) has an area of 1,307.5 m2Apart from the necessary classrooms and the counsellor’s office, we can find in it the Science Room – headquarters of the Science in English Project.

  • Late Primary and Early Secondary Education (grades 5 to 8) at 1,502.05 m2 are equipped with the required classrooms, with some extra rooms for group splitting in some activities; the counselling and pedagogy department corresponding to these grades; and a large library in which students can consult a collection of materials, as well as attend talks and conferences by writers and illustrators – a learning environment they soon learn to appreciate as useful and kind. At break time, they can enjoy two separate outdoor yards. All students in Primary and Early Secondary can make use of additional classrooms set up in the main pavilion should their subjects require it.


Sports facilities

  • An artificial turf football pitch, which is also appropriate for the practice of hockey (the traditional sport of our school) and any other outdoor sports requiring a large area.

  • Two gyms (305.65 m2 and 223.45 m2) in which students engage in gymnastics and some competitive sports.

  • Three courts to learn and practise this padel. A number of competitions and tournaments are held every the year.

  • A mini-basket court, a golf training course in which Primary Education students play their first holes, two multipurpose acrylic courts for football and basketball, a volleyball court, and an athletics track complete our list of sports facilities. All the outdoor facilities may be freely enjoyed by the children during their break time.