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The French subject is taught by native teachers as a second foreign language. It is allocated two hours of the weekly timetable from 5th year of Primary to Bachillerato.

The contents follow the guidelines of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR). Thanks to this, students have the opportunity to obtain official certificates for each tier, such as DELF A1 (beginner), A2 (elementary), B1 (intermediate), and B2 (advanced). Each level of these levels corresponds loosely to the following grades:

  • 5th Primary to 1st ESO: A1
  • 2nd ESO and 3rd ESO: A2
  • 4th ESO and 1st Bachillerato: B1
  • 2nd Bachillerato: B2

The French Department’s approach is communicative and project-based. The student acquires the necessary competence in both speaking and writing, and acts alternatively as the emitter and the receptor of language in an assortment of organic activities. Teachers communicate with the students in French, to promote immersion and intuitive language, and mimic the learning process a native infant would follow. They also provide them with the required tools to glimpse the inner workings of the language’s grammar and lexis.

Apart from the textbook (which is purely digital in some grades) classroom materials include a wealth of texts, videos, voice recordings, or web sites from a variety of sources.

All in all, the methods of the French department help our students develop strategies and behaviours to communicate fluently and autonomously. And, above all, to awaken in them a passion for the language and all of its cultural and artistic expressions.