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The German language is introduced as an optional subject, along with French and Chinese, beginning in the 5th year of Primary. and until Bachillerato.

We see the learning of this language as a process in which the student should be the protagonist. For this reason, our methodology is essentially practical, aimed at improving the students’ self-sufficiency, and at providing them with the tools to communicate fluently according to their own needs.

Our specialists structure the contents to ensure a natural and gradual progression in language proficiency. Students are exposed to a wealth of original materials from different authentic sources, and learn to produce their own by writing texts, engaging in conversation with teachers and classmates, and giving talks on a variety of topics. The activities are designed to develop not only their command of the language, but also their knowledge of a range of cultural realities pertaining to all German-speaking countries.

Following the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR), the subject covers skills and contents from the A1 (beginner) level to B1 / B2 (intermediate / advanced). At the end of the second year of ESO (equivalent to grade 8) the students may take the official Fit in Deutsch A2 examination; in 4th ESO, the Goethe-Zertifikät B1 für Jugendliche. On attaining this latter certification, the student is assumed to have demonstrated enough knowledge of German to correctly handle the majority of everyday situations.