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In 1952, Santa Maria de los Rosales school was founded by a group of like-minded people from the intellectual world and the entrepreneurial sector.



The purpose was to build an innovative educational institution; to establish the core of a new conception of culture, focused on nurturing human values, and on researching new pedagogical techniques.




  • Don Iñigo Arteaga y Falguera, Duke of the Infantado
  • Don Francisco de Borja Carvajal y Xifre, Count of Fontanar
  • Don Ángel María Carvajal y Santos Suárez, Duke of Aveyro
  • Don Armando Durán Miranda
  • Don Pedro Gamero del Castillo
  • Don Alfonso García Valdecasas
  • Don José Luis Garrigues y Díaz Cañavate
  • Don Juan Herrera Fernández, Marquis of Viesca de la Sierra
  • Don Ignacio Herrero Garralda, Marquis of Aledo
  • Don Juan José López Ibor
  • Don Gregorio Marañón Moya, Marquis of Marañón
  • Don Antonio Melchor de las Heras
  • Don Jose Antonio Muñoz Rojas


The school begins its activity in October of 1952 with 62 students, in a small detached house in the El Viso residential area – 29 Balvina Valverde street. Its hopeful founders wrote in their first memoir:


We tread slowly; we would rather be too cautious,


to preserve whatever audacity there might be in our actions.


Time has shown the merits of this approach: today, Santa Maria de los Rosales findsamong itsalumni key personalities in the world of politics, finance, science, art, and sport.




In 1971, the original founders are joined by a group of devoted alumni. Together they crate the Paideia foundation, which is granted the official status of educational institution by the Ministry of Education and Science.


The Paideia foundation is the current owner of Santa Maria de los Rosales school.


Paideia Foundation Board:


Honorary President:


His Majesty the King Phillip VI


D. Carlos Fitz-James Stuart, duque de Alba.
Vice President:
D. Álvaro Fúster Garaizábal.


Dª. Ana Arigita Badillo.
D. Javier del Arco y Carabias.
D. Javier Columbrans Martín.
D. Enrique Fernández Miranda, duque de Fernández Miranda.