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In all stages, the school promotes the acquisition and development of communicative skills. Oral expression is a discipline that is practised across different areas. From Infant Education to Bachillerato, students are taught the necessary parameters to convey information in a variety of situations. They learn to select information, organise it coherently, and format it according to the context and audience.

Speeches are a permanent activity in our classrooms. We believe this genre of communication is essential in academic and professional life. It is practised most frequently in the foreign language subjects (English, French, German and Chinese). Students plan a talk on a given topic, adapting it to an established time limit and to the target audience. In the process, they learn how to conduct previous research, adapt their spoken register to a variety of contexts, employ verbal and non-verbal communication devices to engage their listeners, modify the content and structure of their speech based on the audience’s reactions, and use information technologies effectively to support their explanations or arguments.

Students also practise conversation, debate, colloquies and interviews on the appropriate topics of the different curricular subjects.