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The school is furnished with two computer rooms and an AV room. Additionally, all classrooms from Infant Education to Bachillerato are equipped with interactive whiteboards and computers, which are connected toan optic-fibre network. A central server allows students and teachers to share resources.

New classroom technologies make education truly interactive, and let our teachers adapt their contents and methodologies to the requirements of our modern world. They also open a window to a vast collection of online educational resources, which make it possible to cater the needs of each group at any given moment.

ICTs also allow students to present their work in a platform that is more engaging to their classmates. They are a flexible and adaptable tool that favours a variety of teaching strategies, and gives us unprecedented freedom in promoting knowledge and teamwork.

In short, new technologies turn our students into the protagonists of their own learning experience, while keeping them under the tutelage of their teachers.