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Our school believes that tutoring should be an integral part of the academic project. It must enable students to learn from their mistakes, help them overcome difficulties, and structure their learning. They should be led onto a path in which they listen to others, believe in themselves, feel responsible for their opinions and make their own decisions.

Tutoring is not a merely academic counselling: it is also personal. Students in all levels will find in their tutor a person that follows their human development, listen to their needs, and coordinates their relationship with their teachers. This work is done in tutoring sessions which can be individual or in groups, as coexistence with other students in the classroom environment is one of our focal points.

In close collaboration with the Counselling Department, tutors offer students the help they might need in any academic or personal situation. They form an essential link between the school and its families. Parent-teacher conferences are frequent during the school year, so parents are regularly informed of all aspects concerning their children’s school life.